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Bernard Ross is a director of =mc. He was recently- July 2013- voted most inspiring speaker in the USA by Fundraising Success magazine he is an internationally recognised management consultant and author. His customers include some of the world's largest INGOs including International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, Greenpeace international, and UNICEF International.

He has published three books- two with fellow =mc director Clare Segal - and one with =mc|USA partner Penelope Cagney. His first book Breakthrough Thinking won the Terry McAdam Award for best non-profit management book in the USA 2004, the only time Europeans have won this award.

In his blog he shares insights and perceptions based on his current customer work.

Are you Spock or Kirk? Choosing your strategy preference

We’re sure you’re familiar with one or more of the incarnations of the Star Trek film franchise. Two of the characters stand out for their approach to some of the big issues they need to tackle. And they have very different approaches to strategy. ...Read the rest of this post

The Power of Social Proof

Omar Mahmoud, Chief of Market Knowledge at UNICEF International, and I are running a Big Room session at IFC on The Science of Decision Making and Behavioural Economics. We’d love to see you there.  ...Read the rest of this post

Barriers to a successful change process

In this blog, =mc Director Bernard Ross (with contribution from =mc Management Consultant David Segal) looks at what factors are most likely to de-rail a change process.  ...Read the rest of this post

The importance of the "C" word in fundraising

=mc Director Bernard Ross looks at the 5 Cs that non-profit organisations need to address before changing their fundraising strategy – Context, Competencies, Competition, Cash and Commitment. ...Read the rest of this post

It's tough at the top: What leaders can learn from the Pope and David Moyes

It’s a tough time to be a change leader. In this blog I compare the contrasting fortunes of two high profile leaders, Pope Francis and David Moyes. ...Read the rest of this post

Emotional Intelligence in Fundraising - Part 2

Fundraising is about Influence- winning people over to your point of view. The starting point for influence in a not-for-profit setting should be a personal drive to achieve some wider social good.

In part 1 of this this blog we concentrated on the importance of framing and organising your passion or personal motivation to help you achieve the outcome you want. This ensured you could express, but aren’t overwhelmed by, your own passion or emotional commitment to the cause. It also ensures you don’t begin by assuming that other people will immediately share your passion.  Part two of the blog specifically looks at the Daniel Goleman 5-stage framework for EI and how to use that in fundraising. (Read part 1 first!)
Emotional Intelligence
 ...Read the rest of this post

Emotional Intelligence in Fundraising - Part 1

Fundraising is about Influence- winning people over to your point of view. The starting point for influence in a not-for-profit setting should be a personal drive to achieve some wider social good. To be an outstandingly successful influencer and fundraiser you need to have a real desire – a passion – for that change. This drive will sustain you when you encounter challenges. At the same time, as a practical fundraiser, you know that passion has to lead to a concrete specific financial result.  ...Read the rest of this post

So how long does it take to move a mountain? - Solving 'hard-to-solve' problems

We work hard to recruit the right people to our management consultancy practice. And one thing we’re looking for here is the ability to tackle ‘hard-to-solve’ problems which are often part of the projects we have to tackle. We test for this ability using ‘estimating questions.’ This blog explains one of these ‘hard-to-solve’ problems expressed as an estimating question- and shows you how to solve it. You’ll find it interesting if you’re keen to think like a consultant. ...Read the rest of this post

The rich will save us all

A powerful movement to encourage major donor giving has been labeled philanthrocapitalism. The name comes from an influential book of the same title published in 2008 and an associated website. Two journalists working for the Economist magazine, Matthew Bishop and Michael Green, wrote the book. ...Read the rest of this post

What’s happening in the world of philanthropy?

Global FundraisingI’ve got a new book out. Global Fundraising – how the world is changing the rules of philanthropy. (Wiley 2013.)
Editing the new book with my friend and colleague Penny Cagney has been a humbling and exciting experience: humbling because, as two experienced fundraising consultants⎯and supposedly internationally savvy fundraisers⎯we were constantly impressed at the extraordinary achievements in fundraising happening outside the North American/European bubble; and exciting because many of those developments seemed to offer innovation or developments that have implications for European and US fundraisers. Just as the economic balance is changing in the world, so the balance in fundraising is changing. ...Read the rest of this post

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You step up – I’ll step back: the coaching approach to becoming a leader

=mc Learning & Development Consultant Laura Slater blogs on a the benefits of using the ‘coach approach’ with your teams.  ...Read the rest of this post

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