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Vision, Mission and Values


=mc is based on a core set of principles. These principles have remained the constant for 30 years. They inform almost every aspect of the way we work – from our approach to CSR to our client journey process and our hiring policy. All of these principles have practical action attached to them – whether it’s raising money to support Comic Relief or wearing a jumper before turning up the heating to reduce energy use.

Our principles are outlined below.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the first choice of ethical organisations worldwide for management consultancy, fundraising consultancy and learning and development.

That our work will consistently produce legendary results for our customers and will help dramatically improve their ability to achieve their mission. Commitment to our customers is part of our commitment to issues of social justice. A passion for and ability to deliver results is part of our core philosophy and competence as an organisation.

We will be at the centre of a network of partners and individuals moving this vision forward.

Our mission

The way we will achieve this vision is through our uncompromising mission: to transform the performance of ethical organisations worldwide through outstanding consultancy.

Our values

The way we do business is important. We ask everyone who works at =mc to share a set of values:

  • to operate with integrity in everything we do
  • to adopt an entrepreneurial and business-like approach to our work
  • to prioritise results for customers
  • to enjoy and celebrate success and positive effort
  • to actively seek opportunities to take on increased responsibility
  • to respect customers’ and colleagues’ beliefs and values

Our competencies

=mc needs core competencies: skills, knowledge and abilities at an individual and team level.

We all work to help =mc:

  • to be a consistently profitable business
  • to deliver on our results-based approach and philosophy for customers
  • to identify and support suppliers who share our values
  • to be able to work internationally and in a cross cultural way
  • to improve and update our offerings and IP obsessively
  • to be a good partner and employer in environmental and social terms

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Yvette Gyles, Director

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