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7 ways =mc can help you become more sustainable with Catalyst

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 We take a look at the 7 ways =mc can help you improve your fundraising through the Arts Council’s Catalyst Programme.

If you’re looking to improve your fundraising through the Arts Council’s Catalyst Programme we can help. (And we can help even if you can’t benefit from Catalyst but want to transform your sustainability.)

1. Specialist training: we can offer one and two day customized sessions on everything from engaging major donors, to trawling your database for potential £10 a month supporters, and optimizing your online presence. 

2. Coaching: maybe you’ve got a good idea but are not sure how to roll it out. Or you need specific advice on how to engage your Board. We can help here with regular monthly sessions.

3. Strategy: if you need to completely re-think the way you raise money then =mc has some of the most radical – and experienced – thinkers there are in the cultural world. Our advice will challenge and excite.

4. Prospect Research: we have a team of specialist prospect researchers who can find that elusive major donor – or offer insights into the ambitions and motivations of a specific donor.

5. Making the Ask: =mc consultants have helped individuals ‘ask’ for gifts from Bill Gates ($8M) to Simon Cowell (£100K). The techniques we teach are cutting edge… and they work. Call us to find out more.

6. Case development: a strong case for support sits at the centre of your strategy. We have developed over 100 cases for small and large organizations over the last 5 years. Each case is crafted for impact.

7.National Arts Fundraising School: only =mc runs this prestigious and demanding 6 day school. The programme enables you to step up to a whole new level. The school runs twice a year.
To find out more about how we can help contact:

Bernard Ross,
+44 207 978 1516
Or to find out more about the National Arts Fundraising School visit

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