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An introduction to Management Centre’s services for ethical organisations

The Management Centre

These are challenging times if you’re responsible for running an ethical organisation such as a charity, public body, INGO or cultural organisation. Simply, there’s greater demand than ever for your services and greater competition for resources. To meet those twin challenges you may need help and advice from a management consultancy that specialises in the public and not for profit sector. Management Centre (, established for 25 years, is a team of not for profit management consultants with a unique focus on ethical and not for profit organisations.

The =mc itself team works to a strict code of values, always prioritising results for customers and operating with integrity, so you’re guaranteed a match with your values as well as your needs.

The range of projects which our trained and experienced management consultants have led, for example, range from a one day facilitation for small arts organisation to an 18 month strategy development for a global INGO. But whether you are a local authority, UN agency, arts organisation or similar body, and irrespective of your need for strategy development, change management, or innovation and knowledge management, we’ll work with you effectively, energetically and closely.

If the most pressing need is to secure new sources of funds then you may wish to contact our team of fundraising consultants, led by one of the continent’s top professionals in fundraising and resource mobilisation, Angela Cluff. Our fundraising consultancy team has a strong track record of achieving results, with an ability to create fundraising strategies that are as radical as they are effective. Our team can work in 12 different languages so no matter where you want to fundraise the =mc team can offer insight

Perhaps your managers or staff need new skills to adapt to the changing environement. Then we can offer inspiration from our gifted learning and development consultants. Organisations like Concern Worldwide, MacMillan Cancer Relief and Amnesty International have all benefited from services such as the creation of whole organisation management development programmes as well as ‘energiser days’ and topical workshops.

Finally, for managers and aspiring leaders, we offer various ‘open’ and ‘tailored’ programmes that help to cost-effectively develop talent, making the most of the potential of every level of the organisation. Having helped 75% of the world’s largest INGOs and having surveyed all of the top 20 charities in the UK, our reputation in management development is impeccable.

If we can help you face the future with confidence contact Clare Segal or visit our website and knowledge base at ( 

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