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Careers FAQs

Where can I expect to be in five years time having joined as a consultant?

Whether you work in learning and development, fundraising or management consultancy you will have worked with some of the UK’s biggest not-for-profit organisations, travelled overseas on assignments and would have coached and managed other consultants. Click here find out more about how we’ll train and develop you to achieve these results.

Who are your customers?

We work with many major organisations in the UK and worldwide – the causes range from environment and animal welfare, through to human rights, international development, health, education and the arts. Click here to see our list of some current customers.

What is the interview process like?

Depending on the number of applications we receive, we will ask you to come to either a group interview or to deliver a small training session to a group of staff. The purpose of this stage is to establish your ability to interact well with others and cope in a range of situations. If successful, we will invite you to an individual interview, which involve a case study or practical presentation as the focus. The aim of the interview process is to allow you the chance to show us you at your best. We will also ask you a series of competency based questions.

What initial training will I get?

We want you to bring your current skills and talents and then we want to build on these.

What happens to people after they leave?

We’re proud to say that many of the people who’ve left =mc over the years have gone on to be outstanding successes in other careers, such as: working for leading commercial companies or charities; returning to their original market sector to more senior positions including CEOs; working in completely unrelated fields – such as travel or even sailing!

All of them, we think we can say, have benefited hugely from the time they spent at =mc. And in addition to the value they added to =mc, their next move was also due to the skills and experience they picked up while working for us.

What opportunities are there for promotion as a consultant?

=mc’s very much a meritocracy. As a successful candidate you can expect within two years to be a senior consultant, responsible for coaching others, winning significant business, and managing major projects. But there is no limit to how quickly you progress.

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