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The Talent We Need

=mc needs outstanding people to work with important organisations. In order to do this we seek:

  • experienced hires who come with a background in training or consultancy
  • fast track hires who might be young high achievers keen to break into the field
  • experienced managers without a background in consultancy and training, but with ambition

Most of all, we’re looking for individuals with a particular approach and commitment to work. We’ve found that that approach comes through a variety of individuals. Whatever your background you should be:

  • commercially aware – =mc is a business and works in a very business-like way
  • passionate about the contribution that ethically-driven organisations make to society
  • concerned with issues of social justice and keen to see how consultancy can help make a difference
  • committed to customers and colleagues, and to work to the very highest standards
  • excited and engaged by management consultancy/fundraising/training, and have a demonstrable interest in how organisations work
  • comfortable working in an ambitious, growing small business

We’re very keen to employ people with a proven track record of achievement in their field – whether your background is commercial consultancy, business, charities, education, local government, the voluntary or cultural sector.

Our current team brings work experience from a wide range of sectors including charities, social enterprise, theatre, housing, health and other commercial consultancies.

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