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Gonzalo Guzmán del Río

Senior Partner Consultant - Latin America

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=mc|Latin America

Gonzalo Guzman del Rio is a Senior Partner Consultant based on Santiago de Chile, working as part of =mc|Latin America. He has more than 17 years of experience in fundraising, 10 working as head of the area for Greenpeace and UNICEF and more than 7 leading his own fundraising agency Tools4Change. Gonzalo has achieved important goals in private sector fundraising through donor acquisition and retention campaigns, corporate alliances and merchandising. The previous 15 years he worked in the private sector as marketing specialist in the advertising business, developing research, strategies and campaigns for leading international brands. Gonzalo is also the current chair of the Chilean Fundraising Association (ACF).

Gonzalo has spoken at several fundraising events organised by AFP (American Fundraising Association), AEDROS (Argentina) and ACF (Chile).

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