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Building a Resilient Team

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Supporting your teams to be resilient and motivated during challenge and change

Maintaining the ability to think clearly and operate effectively through challenging times is a valuable skill. Part of that skill is recognising and understanding our responses to challenge. Another part is knowing how to strengthen our resilience and regain our motivation without burning out.

This online learning session is specifically designed to help managers to support their teams during times of high challenge and rapid change.

The day progresses through five core elements – healthy thinking, taking action, regaining motivation, staying connected and looking after yourself.

All our public training is scheduled when enough demand is there, so please register your interest here, and we'll let you know as soon as a new date is set.
If you have 6 or more people to train it's worth getting in touch to discuss in-house options.

These include:
  • your choice of structure – as well as choosing dates to suit you, you can also decide whether to have the content delivered in one full day, two half-day sessions or four bitesize sessions over separate days.
  • tailoring options – if you're looking to focus on particular elements of the programme, we can look into this.
  • self-directed learning – this enables participants to set learning goals, acquire knowledge and skills, set their own actions and evaluate themselves using a customised web portal which we'll build for you.
In order to make sure your in-house training needs are met, the best way to start this process is with a conversation (for free of course). Contact us online or call 020 7978 1516 to speak to one of our experienced consultants.

Practical tools and approaches are introduced to build focus and move forward important areas of work. Participants will also be introduced to techniques to motivate others. The session includes tools to support and get the best out of yourself and participants will learn how to use these with others during challenging situations.

The programme will include interactive group sessions and peer coaching. In addition, much of the work is based around personal reflection, application to real-work challenges and action planning. Following the programme, participants will be asked to complete an individual a plan to help them to map actions they can take to support others.

Who is the programme for?

Managers of individuals or teams who are experiencing unexpected challenges in their roles

Outcomes for you and your organisation

After an interactive day led by a skilled consultant, you will be able to:

  • Understand resilience and know how and when to nurture resilience within your team
  • Manage others’ work concerns and use strategies to deal with the unknown
  • Support your team to determine what areas of work are important
  • Encourage your team to use effective daily habits to move that work forward
  • Help team members nurture their motivation through long periods of flux
  • Help your team members to identify and create a network of support
  • Understand the dynamics of change and be better able to support others you work with
  • Be more aware of yourself, and manage your own feelings and responses to challenging situations

Learning Approaches

=mc uses Zoom as a virtual classroom, where the sessions will take place. The platform enables high levels of participation. Participants will have access to a learning portal where they can find downloadable handouts to support them both during and after the programme. The programme covers a wide range of topics with high-level trainer input. It combines:

  • theory input, practical advice and examples suited to the not-for-profit sector
  • opportunities to focus on real work challenges in small groups
  • opportunities to work in coaching pairs to share peer experience
  • self-directed learning activities to put key skills into practice

What you will need

To take part in =mc online learning you will need access to a computer with a working microphone, speakers (or headphones) and a webcam. You’ll need to be in a quiet space with a good internet connection.

Alternative delivery options

The full one-day programme is also available in the following formats:

  • linked sessions: the programme outlined above, delivered as four 2-hour sessions over four days
  • half-day session: focused on understanding resilience, healthy thinking and taking action
  • bite sized session: a two-hour introduction to resilience
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