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Take your fundraising to the next level

In the increasingly competitive world of fundraising teams and departments need to have access to the highest level of fundraising skill and competence possible. Regular training programmes can help provide a solid base, but to step up to the next level you may want to think about =mc’s Fundraising Development School.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is designed for teams and departments who want to learn and grow together. The flexible modular structure means that it can impact across a whole organisation or focus on a more specific group who need a higher level of skills and expertise in a targeted area.

=mc has run major in-house training programmes in fundraising for a wide range organisations including Macmillan Cancer Relief, Science Museum, WaterAid, Marie Curie Cancer Care, British Red Cross, NSPCC, and Diabetes UK

“You have delivered the team alignment, expertise and core skills we were looking for, and we now have a shared knowledge and understanding of how to work more effectively with our partners and donors to help people affected by cancer.”

Alix Wooding, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Macmillan Cancer Support

Modules available

The programme can last for one day to six drawing on a range of modules. These include

  • understand how scenario planning differs from trends analysis
  • clarify drivers for change to help develop scenarios
  • establish the success factors for the scenario options
  • link scenario planning to other elements of strategy
  • map uncertainties and choosing key ‘change axes’
  • develop headings and storylines to share the narrative etc.
  • use scenarios to drive innovation in service delivery, business model or funding

Learning approaches

The programme can last for one day to six drawing on a range of modules. These include:

  • Legacies: still one of the fasting growing areas is legacies – and if you have an older audience they can be a major source of support. But how do you create a legacy programme without seeming too cold and calculating? We’ll show you the key steps.
  • Writing a fundraising plan: so you’ve got lots of strategic thoughts, and some good ideas, but how do you shape them into an investable plan that you can share with senior managers or the Board? We identify how to write a plan to win support internally.
  • Making your case: often the only way you can communicate with a funder or donor is in written form. We’ll share the results of =mc’s research which shows that structuring your proposal differently can increase your chances of fundraising success by up to 25%.
  • Making an impact: this session offers you the practical opportunity to actually ‘pitch’ for money in front of a video camera and then get detailed feedback on the effectiveness of your ask. Before the pitch an =mc coach will offer insights and practical tips on impact
  • Foundation fundraising: trusts and foundations contribute up to £2B to the UK charity economy. But to secure your share you have to understand how foundations work and how to approach them. We’ll share the 7 steps to success.
  • Innovation: best practice is about what used to work for charities. =mc has developed a systematic approach to fundraising innovation widely used in the UK to help teams and departments develop radical new ideas. We’ll share it in this module.
  • Commercial investment: from ‘hard’ sponsorship to CSR, companies can contribute to social causes. But the money is proving tougher to get. We show you how to maximise your chances of sponsorship success – and how to turn one-off success into a long-term relationship.
  • Major appeals and how to run them: if you’re running a major appeal this session explains how to use key frameworks to guide you to success. =mc experts share their experience drawn from running some of Europe’s largest appeals including the ground breaking Full Stop Campaign.
  • Donor journeys & stewardship: if you’re going to be successful in the individual donor space you need to have a donor journey and a stewardship strategy. These complementary tactics shape how you can align the whole organisation around fundraising and support for donors.
  • Making the Ask: how confident are you at asking major donors and senior company managers for money? This session offers skills and tactics which will allow you to influence others in one to one settings. You’ll get personal feedback on your impact.

Learning approaches

We mix the learning to include:
  • expert input from a skilled =mc programme leader – or leaders
  • case studies and exercises
  • group and individual activities to practice your new techniques
  • opportunities for personal reflection and action planning
  • practical tools and frameworks to use
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