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Storytelling Skills for Fundraisers


Sharing ideas and inspiration

Facts, figures, PowerPoint slides, graphs, and bullets points will only get you so far to convince an audience. To really engage an individual or a group you need to be able to shape and tell a story that includes the key idea you want to share. This training programme, originally developed for the NSPCC to engage all their staff in a new set of values, is being made available to you. The programme will walk you through the basic techniques to identify a suitable story, organise and simplify it and then share it with colleagues.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for fundraisers who want to develop the skills and confidence to tell stories as a means to communicate key ideas. In a safe environment you’ll explore what makes a good story, how to shape the content and how to make it to different audiences – from individuals in a coaching session, to an audience of sceptical staff or local authority members.

“I found the session on the power of stories to make my ideas more real and visceral for other people very useful.”

Clive Morgan, Assistant Director of Therapies and Health Sciences, University Hospital Wales

Outcomes for you and your organisation

After a day of learning, practicing and coaching you’ll be able to:

  • understand why story telling is a key skill for fundraisers
  • shape and organise story elements quickly
  • use stories to share complex issues
  • understand the key structures in stories and how to choose one
  • ensure the message is memorable and impactful
  • link stories with other kinds of communication
  • increase your audience’s ability to retain and recall information

Learning Approaches

In this enjoyable and stimulating day you’ll take advantage of:

  • expert input from a skilled =mc programme leader
  • group and individual activities to practice your new techniques
  • opportunities for personal reflection and action planning
  • practical tools and frameworks to use
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