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Thinking on your Feet

Thinking on your feet

Communicating with confidence and clarity under pressure

Today more than ever you need to be able to respond to questions and challenges live – coming back to someone fast, persuasively, and often – literally – on your feet. In an enjoyable, practical, and intensive day you’ll learn how to deliver to that demanding brief. You will be asked to bring your own example with you on the day, and to send some killer questions to the programme leaders beforehand, making the programme immediately applicable to your real-life situations at work. The result will be that you’ll feel more confident on how to organise your ideas, be more able to speak up strongly and clearly in meetings, make your point persuasively in discussions, and offer impactful ideas off the cuff in presentations.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for individuals who want to boost their personal communications skills and learn to think clearly and effectively under the pressures of a fast moving world. It is especially useful for anyone who has to explain and defend ideas to demanding stakeholders, partners or even senior colleagues or who has to communicate complex ideas where the audience come back and ask difficult questions.

  • “I found the session on the power of stories to make my ideas more real and visceral for other people very useful.”

    Clive Morgan, Assistant Director of Therapies and Health Sciences, University Hospital Wales

  • “Excellent course for anyone who finds themselves put on the spot on a regular basis. I never realised just how much I can actually prepare for the unexpected. Thanks very much.”

    James Gaydon, Fundraiser, Young Epilepsy

  • “A great programme. The Selling Your Ideas and Train of Thought sessions will be especially helpful for re-evaluating my working practice.”

    Rosie Wilson, Head of Exhibitions, National Portrait Gallery

  • “A very stimulating and thought-provoking day. Moving forward, I’m going to ensure that I’ve prepared answers to potential killer questions before I’m put on the spot.”

    Su Moore, Head of Sponsorship, British Council

Outcomes for you and your organisation

After a day of learning, practicing and coaching you’ll be able to:

  • shape and organise ideas quickly
  • make complex issues easy to explain and understand
  • organise your thinking using five different structures
  • be able to use the Train of Though
  • perform impressively in unexpected situations
  • defend ideas when challeneged and handle hostile situations confidently
  • make ideas more memorable and impactful
  • increase your audience’s ability to retain and recall information

Learning approaches

In this enjoyable and stimulating day you’ll enjoy:

  • group and individual activities to practise your new techniques
  • feedback from peers on individual performance
  • opportunities for personal refection and action planning
  • lots of real examples, tips and hints from your =mc programme leader
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