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Stop ‘asking donors for money’ right now!

=mc Director Bernard Ross bucks against the latest fundraising trend… and with good reason. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been transported back into the arts and culture world of the 1970s. To be honest it’s not all bad. I mean I could live with the bad hair, the purple nylon velour loon pants, and even […]

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Age Exchange

Case study: Building sustainability at Age Exchange

Age Exchange was formed in 1983 as a specialist reminiscence charity, and over the years has developed new ways of working to reduce loneliness and isolation. For the past 15 years, due to a growing older population, the charity has expanded its work with people who have found themselves as carers for older relatives and […]

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Valentine’s Day? Donor love? Be over it…!

=mc Director Bernard Ross blogs on which charities are deserving all the love, and which are pushing donors away this Valentine’s Day. I hate Valentine’s Day. I mean I can live with the schmaltzy overpriced commercial nonsense: genetically modified, scentless roses at £5 a stem, cards that range from diabetes-causing sweetness to jaw-dropping crudeness, and opportunities to […]

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Fundraising: The Nine Fundraising Nos

Fundraisers are worried about donors saying ‘no!’ This article explores the idea developed by =mc directors Clare Segal and Bernard Ross in their book The Influential Fundraiser (Wiley 2010) that there are 9 different ways in which donors say ‘No’ and how to respond. The starting point is that No normally means “ask me a better […]

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behavioural economics websites

10 ways to increase donations through your website

Behavioural Economics is changing our understanding of how people make decisions. While we like to think we are rationale, considered beings, the majority of our daily decisions are made quickly and often irrationally. This has huge implications for us as fundraisers, not least in the way we engage with donors making ‘impulse’ or ‘spur of the […]

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The Management Centre

Once again charities are being accused of irresponsible behaviour towards vulnerable donors. What should we be doing to avoid this?

In this blog, =mc Fundraising expert Angela Cluff discusses the impact of the recent Olive Cooke story on charities and non-profits. Discover (or remind yourself) what works, what doesn’t, and what’s best for your donors… Whatever the truth of the circumstances behind the sad death of Olive Cooke it raises serious issues for leaders in fundraising […]

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Major donor fundraising

7 Steps of Solicitation

This article shares practical ideas on how to secure major gifts for your organisation. There are many different ‘Step’ models used by major donor fundraisers. It is simply one of a number of management tools used to provide a framework for securing major gifts. Here is =mc’s version in the table below: Step Description 1 […]

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