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Fundraising Consultancy

The next 5-10 years will see a period of unprecedented change in the way fundraising Is carried out – growth in digital, ageing baby boomers, the struggle to engage millennials, impact of legislation, and increasing numbers of causes seeking funds.

=mc has unrivalled experience and capacity, to help organisations improve and even transform their fundraising results. Our work covers all the key streams – individual, institutional, corporate, foundation, etc.

We’ve worked for almost 30 years with organisations large and small, local, national and international. We’ve helped some of the world’s largest INGOs – MSF, IFRC, UNHCR and UNICEF – to develop global strategies. And we’ve worked in the UK, the Americas, Africa, and all over Asia.

Building capital campaigns

Capital campaigns – including funds for equipment/buildings, endowments or major projects – are becoming more common. Such campaigns can last between three and five years, carefully structured into a number of phases. =mc has been involved in the many the most exciting, innovative and challenging campaigns in recent years – US$30M for an environmental endowment in Tanzania; US$6M to secure the future of the world’s largest dinosaur in Argentina; £45M for a mediaeval cathedral in England; £30M for a hospital development; and £10M to support dementia research.

A campaign involves careful planning through a feasibility study, identifying leadership and developing a case of support. With systematic prospect research we can help you establish what options might be available and the steps involved – from establishing separate legal structures to the staffing levels needed. =mc’s proprietary Readiness Assessment Index will even help assess your likelihood of success.

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Engaging high value donors

We are experiencing the greatest ever global wealth disparity. The bad news is this is a source of social inequity; the good news is that there are more HNWI and UHNWI than ever. And even better, many of these individuals have a commitment to philanthropy.

But how do you systematically identify and engage them? =mc has a specialist team to research your potential, and to develop propositions and cases to engage your prospects. We also offer training and coaching to help volunteers and staff make the ask. Finally, we ensure that you have a robust stewardship strategy to keep your supporters happy.

We’ve help secure gifts up to £40M in a single ask and have experience working with universities, arts and culture agencies, humanitarian bodies and mainstream charities. our customers include Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund, Sorbonne University, British Heart Foundation, and Oxfam International.

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Creating sustainable income

While particular income sources – foundations, corporations etc. – will support specific projects or initiatives the goal for many organisations is to grow sustainable, unrestricted income. At =mc we are devoting increasing research time and resources to identifying how you can most effectively do this. The answer may take a number of forms – most often monthly pledge/regular giving from individuals; but also income from charged for services; and even separate trading businesses. Working with an =mc expert allows you to establish the potential for your organisation – and the vital risk and return ratio.

Among our recent assignments are helping a European child development network, ISSA, to build a consultancy service; advising UNICEF International how to grow pledge income by a factor of three; and exploring how the Scottish Book Trust could build an online giving community.

Sustainable income is not just possible but essential. With =mc’s help you can build a long-term future.

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Developing global campaigns

=mc has unique experience in developing global campaigns for the world’s largest UN and INGOs. In the last five years we have helped build global strategies for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UNICEF international, WWF International, and MSF International – as well as a number of smaller ambitious agencies like Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) and ADESO Somalian humanitarian organisation, plus Soi Dog – one of the most effective animal welfare charities in the world.

This unique experience allows us to blend an understanding of international markets with strategic insight into how to ensure organisations working in multiple territories genuinely function globally.

A significant portion of our work here involves the use of Red Ocean Blue Ocean (ROBO) models – either learning to compete effectively in crowded markets or creating transformational results through the framework and tools contained in the ROBO model.

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Developing an integrated strategy & supporter experience

The nature of fundraising means individual income streams often develop their own distinct approaches – each effective in its own way, but then missing out on the chance to build synergies between streams or across channels. So the link between HNWI, their Foundations and their Companies may be missed, or a long term supported may not be encouraged to offer a legacy or bequest.

=mc has worked with almost every major UK charity on developing integrated strategies, including British Red Cross, Diabetes UK, Oxfam, BHF, Age UK, RNLI and more. We have also in recent years worked to help a number of local government agencies to develop strategies to grow income – from East Lindsay to Paisley City of Culture bid.

As well as developing strong synergies that maximise income we have ways to build an engaged and engaging supporter experience.

If you need support or insight to build an integrated strategy we can help.

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Related case studies

Using Behavioural Economics in Fundraising

One of the most exciting areas of growth in the last 5 years has been the application of behavioural economics (BE) – or more precisely, decision science – to the fields of fundraising and social change.

This body of work, developed originally by Kahneman and Thaler, has now become an exciting part of the fundraising toolbox, bringing science and discipline to what is often a field full of opinion.

=mc Director, Bernard Ross, has become recognised as a global expert in this field, partly through extensive work with Omar Mahmood, Chief of Knowledge at UNICEF International. Bernard has applied that learning with a number customers across the globe – much of it transforming online performance. Among the organisations now using BE are UNICEF, Greenpeace, UNHCR, and Macmillan.

Get in touch and find out how this exciting area of science can help you apply psychological rules to your fundraising with individuals in any channel.

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