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If you’re an ethical organisation keen to improve your business processes to make them more efficient, explore new sources of earned income, or develop a new Blue Ocean approach to strategy, then =mc would love to help.

Projects can be as simple as a one-day facilitation, as complex as an online analysis consulting 6,000 volunteers in 20 countries, or as challenging as a global strategy for a development INGO.

We’ve worked extensively with national and local government departments, UN agencies, UK charities, and arts and cultural organisations to deliver transformation primarily in three key areas: strategy, change and innovation.

Building innovation

Philip Kotler, management guru, says ‘Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage.’ At =mc we increasingly see organisations keen to build their capacity to be innovative – looking for new ways to provide services, radical solutions to systemic problems, and, of course, more economical ways to deliver value.

We’ve helped a number of national charities – RNIB, Diabetes UK, MS Society, and NSPCC – adopt different approaches to becoming more innovative. At a national level we’ve worked with The UK Government Cabinet Office, and at a global level UNICEF International to build significant innovation capacity.

We can offer a range of approaches: an innovation audit based on our proprietary benchmark tool; advice on how to set up an innovation programme; and, using the Business Model Canvas, a whole new approach to how you come up with, cost, and implement ideas.

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Creating strategy

‘Business as usual’ almost certainly leads to disaster in today’s fast-changing and fast-moving environment. Instead strategy needs to be flexible and adaptable to meet emerging situations. To do that you need a clearly bounded theory of change – ideally through the strategy map and BSC methodology.

=mc Is now the leading global expert on helping senior teams to develop strategy using the Strategy Map/BSC approach. Among the organisations we’ve worked with nationally are Macmillan Cancer Support, UNICEF UK, The Children’s Society and Arthritis UK. And internationally – ActionAid, Amnesty, UNICEF International and IFRC.

Over a series of workshop-based sessions =mc consultants will help you develop a robust situational analysis, a set of key drivers to focus attention, a flexible and adaptable strategy map, and a scorecard + action plan to check that action is taken and impact measured.

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Commercial awareness and generating earned income

With increasing pressure on institutional subsidy, and private giving not growing as fast as we had hoped, earned income looks increasingly attractive. With this income any surpluses are your own and unrestricted. And of course it provides you with sustainable funds to plan for the future.

=mc’s team has unique experience in the UK helping organisations develop an income driven approach to commercial awareness for staff and managers. Over the last five years we’ve worked with organisations as diverse as RSPCA, Age Exchange, BFI, Plymouth City Council and the National Trust, exploring projects from selling animal protection to the film industry to arts-based dementia services to care homes.

In a rigorous, systematic process we can help: identify any potential intellectual property or assets; clarify key market opportunities and audiences; build a business model and business case; seek social investment; and engage staff and managers in an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

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Leading effective change

Charles Darwin actually said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Building on this, =mc’s approach to change involves a range of frameworks, including the well-established Kotter model, that will promote resilience across the organisation and help make it a core competence.

=mc’s change experts have worked with CEOs and leadership teams to deliver a number of change projects – from radical restructures, to changes in organisational direction, and promoting a new culture. Among the customers we are proud to have worked with are: Marie Curie, UNICEF International, Cambridge Assessment, Into Film and NSPCC.


Your change programme could impact on a number of areas – strategy, structure, systems, etc. – so it needs to be tailored according to the outcome you want to achieve. Typically though, we will use frameworks like Kotter’s 8 Steps, Red Ocean Blue Ocean, McKinsey’s 7S, and Jim Collin’s Good to Great.

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Good to great

“Good is the Enemy of Great” is the challenging opening line of Jim Collins’ influential work Good to Great. At =mc we have worked with a range of organisations to help them scale up their operations to make them genuinely key players – and at the same time become more sustainable. Our Good to Great programme can help take you and your organisation on a transformational journey to achieve impact way beyond your current potential.

Among the organisations we have helped explore the implications of Good to Great are are BUPA, Action for Blind People, UNICEF, and Alzheimer’s Society.

A Good to Great initiative begins with a senior team briefing, then moves to a development programme based around the three key principles: disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action. Each of these principles is explored in detail though analysis, process mapping and identification of the key points of leverage for improvement.

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Reimagining culture

Many organisations are held back by their culture, unable to change the way people think and act in response to demands to be more user-friendly, more commercially aware, more entrepreneurial, or more innovative. To change this you may need to address the issue of culture directly. We can help you agree how to shape and organise that a culture change to underpin a new vision or approach.

=mc has worked with a wide range of organisations on culture change, from Marie Curie to the Royal Shakespeare Company and from the RSPB to MIND.

Working with you on culture starts with an analysis of the current situation looking at what works and what doesn’t – usually using Johnson and Scholes’ Cultural Web. This framework explores: Rituals and Routines; Symbols; Organisational Structure; Control Systems; and Power Structures. From that analysis we build out to look at the key issues that need to be addressed and agree how your culture should change.

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