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Jennie Blake

Partner Consultant

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Jennie Blake

Jennie specialises in Managing Performance, Wellbeing & Resilience and Management Development. She is an experienced Senior Manager,  and has worked with vulnerable people for over 25 years in Housing, Youth and Education sectors. 

My areas of expertise:

  • Managing Managers 
  • Building resilient teams 
  •  Personal Effectiveness

At the moment

I am really enjoying working with the =mc team, supporting charities and non-profit organisations in all things management. As a Wellbeing Specialist, I strongly believe that managers can have a huge impact in workplace wellness. I’ve been supporting organisations such as Hexagon Housing with adapting their approach to supporting remote teams; helping Citizens Advice new managers in finding their style and approach; and working with the National Deaf Children’s Society with Performance Achievement. This all-manager programme was tailor-made to give managers the tools and confidence needed to bring the NDCS performance philosophy to life. What I really enjoy about this kind of work is seeing managers make connections between their behaviour, the impact this can have on others, and how lifting performance also promotes wellness. We have so many interesting conversations in the virtual classroom about the vital role managers have, and how to make the most of that. 

Before =mc

Prior to working with =mc, I had a varied international career. My wide range of academic and work experience from the UK, South Africa and Singapore includes managing other managers, delivering front line services in housing organisations and social action charities, as well as education and youth services. I am an experienced Project Manager, delivering projects such as creating organisation wide Safeguarding Forums and developing the use of therapeutic approaches in Psychologically Informed Environments. As a former manager myself in a charity setting, I completely understand the pressures and challenges that =mc participants face in their every day work. 

Alongside my work with =mc, I also support organisations with Safeguarding, Wellness and Operational training. 

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