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Being new – 5 things you need to do

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When I joined =mc as a new consultant one of the first things they asked me to do was to write a blog…

So I decided that I needed to learn from my past experience of changing jobs. After all I have done this before

First I noticed there are two overriding emotions I have experienced in every new job. The first is excitement: will the job be more rewarding and more interesting than the last one? The second is nerves: will I be effective and capable?

The trick, I’ve decided, is to keep fears at bay and focus on what makes a job exciting. These 5 tips have helped me. And I share them in case they’re useful to you and might help you focus and make it thorough the first few days. Looking back now, I can see how much these helped me.

1. Getting the basics right

This means knowing where to be on day 1 and at what time. My suggestion is bring a pen, get your outfit ready the night before and leave early if you’re heading to a workplace. If you’re working online, make sure you have the links and contact details you need.

pen and paper

2. Being you

Remember to be authentic. This is not the interview anymore – you need to be you. Take some time to get to know your new role but don’t be afraid to contribute your ideas early on and even ask awkward questions.

3. Getting to know how things really are

Try to get to grips with the culture of the organisation as quickly as possible. Note this is not always the same as what is says on the website! Talk to your colleagues, and ask lots of questions about who does what and how things work.

4. Being useful

Remember you can be both a drain and a distraction to your colleagues, no matter how lovely they are and keen to help you they seem. Try and get occupied straight away, ask for tasks and make notes on ideas for further tasks. Get stuck in and do something useful on day 1. Leave feeling as though you added value even on that first day.

5. Getting through probation

Make a plan – write down what do you want to achieve within those first few weeks or months until the point of confirmations. Be clear about what your managers and colleagues value and give them as much of that as you can.

“Get stuck in and do something useful on day 1. Leave feeling as though you added value even on that first day.”

And if your are working with new colleagues read – ‘beyond the induction programme’- what you can do to help your new colleague settle in as an existing member of staff…

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