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Case study: Delivering change at Into Film

Into Film is a national agency working throughout the UK to engage children and young people in film and cinema.

Their focus is educational, supporting teachers and educators to achieve a wide range of learning outcomes using film. The programme includes a network of extra-curricular film clubs, resources to use in clubs and in the classroom, training opportunities, a film festival and a set of awards.

Historically Into Film have received the bulk of their funding from the British Film Institute. In 2017 a new BFI funding agreement meant they had to develop a new strategic plan, and restructure in order to deliver this plan with a more limited set of resources.

The progressive Chief Executive, Paul Reeve, also wanted to use this opportunity to create a more focused approach – and to create a more flexible and entrepreneurial culture in the organisation.

=mc’s brief

Our brief was to help with two key processes: to develop a new strategic plan which reflected the emerging situation, and to design and deliver training on an effective change process to help make managers and staff more resilient. Both interventions needed maximum involvement by the leadership team to ensure that they had high levels of ownership and engagement.

We also offered coaching to the Chief Executive as he developed his own thinking on direction and focus.

What we did

  • We organised a series of workshops with the leadership team and – using the =mc strategy map approach – developed a flexible map, scorecard, and implementation plan. This plan went through several iterations as strategic thinking evolved.
  • We are now a tailoring a complementary phase of training sessions – introducing managers to the Kotter model of change as a framework, and to promote resilience among staff and managers. These workshops are due to roll out later in 2017.

Our experience in restructuring also proved useful as we were able to offer advice about contemporary ways to consider organising teams that avoided silo working.


The result has been a complex and challenging strategic process delivered against a tight timetable including support over the Christmas holiday period. The full implications of the strategy and structure are still being worked through – but the organisation has a clear focus and resources and leadership aligned behind it.

Into Film is now looking at how to expand its portfolio of resources from the private sector including foundations, corporations and high net worth individuals.

=mc has been a trusted advisor and critical friend to us throughout a period of significant change in our funding environment. We now feel we have a clear direction and a process to implement important changes.”

Paul Reeve, CEO

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