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Delegating effectively

Management essentials – how to delegate effectively

Being a manager means taking on more responsibilities and also letting go of others. However, as much as we know delegation is a good thing – we still struggle to do it well. Delegation provides your team with learning opportunities, development projects, balances workload and gives room for new insights. As a manager though you […]

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Is your project a zombie, troll or unicorn? Maybe it’s just confused and needs a rationale

In this blog, Director, Laura Slater looks at common problems with projects, and gives an overview of =mc’s approach to Project Rationale. =mc’s Systems Model outlines 3 elements in getting your project rationale right. They are: Driver: what triggered this project? Why was it initiated? Was this in response to a need (various departments need […]

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Whose project is it anyway?

How to clarify project roles and responsibilities Three of the main problems that affect project success are unclear responsibilities, poor communication, and ill-defined decision-making. If team members are unclear about their role, tasks can get missed or there may be a duplication of efforts. When communication is poor, this can lead to misunderstandings and people […]

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4 strategies to help manage your project stakeholders

It is a principle universally acknowledged that projects often fail because of people. If you can manage your stakeholders, you have a much greater chance of success. The life of a project manager is a tricky one. A constant balancing act – trying to keep your project on track, to time, to budget, with excellent […]

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4 lightbulbs hanging and 1 swinging

Why we need Project results: Demystifying outputs and outcomes

Project management is an essential skillset, helping people to scope, plan, deliver and evaluate their projects. Core to great project management is having well defined project results. On our popular Project Management programme we get a lot of questions about results, especially when scoping a project. These questions tend to focus specifically on how to […]

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Henley Business School

Case Study: Henley Business School

Enabling collaboration through a common approach to project management The University of Reading is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide with 17,000 students from 150 countries. It is famous for its research in business, agriculture and meteorology. Introduction In 2008 the Henley Management College became part of the University of Reading, in a […]

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Scope creep – a project manager’s nightmare or an opportunity?

Let’s talk about scope creep. One of biggest (and most infuriating) issues affecting project managers. Imagine: you firmed up the scope of your project months ago, you’re knee deep in delivery, everything should come in on time and to budget… and then a key stakeholder suggests an additional output. “Wouldn’t it be great if we […]

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Common Project Challenges – and how to deal with them

Throughout any project there are challenges that can spring up, and attempt to take us off track in progressing our projects. Even when we’ve carefully laid out our project plan; the context, our stakeholders, and even our own project team can throw a spanner into the works. Throughout our Project Management training programmes, we find […]

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mouse trap

Risk management for projects in uncertain times

What could possibly go wrong? We all know that risk management is an important part of project planning. But for many people it was seen as a useful add-on to consider when planning rather than an essential skill we all need to master. For all of us, project planning recently has been dramatically different. Covid-19 […]

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Project Management Big Idea

Project planning tools

=mc’s new updated version of the systems approach to project management offers you the solution to a range of challenges whether you’re a multi national humanitarian INGO or small art gallery that needs to see every exhibition as a mini-project. Among the organisations who’ve used the =mc Systems Model are: Project working is becoming the […]

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online learning - thinking

Why do projects fail?

In this blog =mc‘s Senior L&D consultant Philly Graham shares ideas on why certain projects fail and what you can do to avoid this. Why do projects fail? Depressing though it is, I think we can all say we have been involved in a project that has gone wrong in some shape or form. But […]

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Case study: Supporting new approaches to Project Management in ActionAid and FareShare

Different organisations do – and define – project management in different ways, from a ‘whole organisation’ skill that everyone needs to understand and share at some level, to a specialism practised by a few people on behalf of the many. Whatever the tactic, how well projects are managed contributes to the culture and reputation of […]

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