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Rachel Whittle


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Rachel Whittle

Rachel specialises in management development and personal effectiveness.

Rachel has over 10 years’ experience in the charity sector. Before joining =mc, she specialised in direct marketing and was a Senior Project Manager at the British Red Cross managing fundraising campaigns, alongside supporting and developing the team.

My areas of expertise

  • Management development
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Project Management

At the moment

I’m really enjoying working with managers and leaders across the sector to concentrate on a range of communication skills. I’ve been working with managers at Glyndebourne and Recovery Focus to feel confident, be courageous and have assertive conversations. We talk about what makes some conversations challenging, how to develop an assertive mindset and have a go at using some tools to prepare for those crucial conversations.

Confidence is also important when going into situations where we have to influence and negotiate. I’m spending time with the V&A and Solent Mind to help people to understand their own communication styles and how to adapt them to clearly communicate and advocate for the outcomes they’re looking for.

Another useful skill is holding coaching conversations, particularly when managing at a distance. It’s such a powerful way to enable people to perform at their best, by supporting them to solve their own challenges and build on their strengths. I’m looking forward to helping managers at Unicef UK to practice these skills.

Before =mc

Before =mc, I worked in a range of roles at the British Red Cross. I project managed large direct marketing campaigns across different channels, including mail, telephone, digital and TV. As a team manager, I recruited, trained and supported my team to ensure they delivered an excellent experience for supporters.

Alongside my day-to-day role, I was on the roster of the Logistics Emergency Response Unit, part of the Red Cross movement’s response to international emergencies. This is a rapid response team that deploys globally following a disaster, and involves working together with experts to deliver goods to where they are needed most.

In all of my roles, I have really enjoyed working with and developing others, to ensure that they had the skills and confidence needed to deliver sustainable results. This love of developing people and delivering training has led me to concentrate on a career in learning and development.


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