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Success at Work


Kickstart your career

Being successful at work and building a satisfying career is a lifelong process. We learn by doing, from our triumphs and mistakes. To kickstart our career we can hone our skills and acquire new tools, techniques and approaches. This tailored programme, available in-house only, consists of a series of modules to support people to excel in their career. It provides people with the knowledge, tools and resources to perform effectively, work well with others and flourish.

How the programme is designed depends on your needs and the needs of your organisation. You may choose one of the Success at Work modules shown below, or create a programme consisting of a series of modules. You can also include our other training courses within your overall programme. For example, incorporating our Managing Multiple Priorities, Project Management, Assertive Conversations, or Transformational Presentation Skills courses within the overall programme.

Yes, and also face to face. It's equally suitable for both options. For more information on the differences between online and face to face training, visit our Learning and Development page.
If you have 6 or more people to train it's worth getting in touch to discuss in-house options.

These include:
  • your choice of structure – as well as choosing dates to suit you, you can also decide whether to have the content delivered in full days, half-day sessions or bitesize sessions over separate days.
  • tailoring options – if you're looking to focus on particular elements of the programme, we can look into this.
  • self-directed learning – this enables participants to set learning goals, acquire knowledge and skills, set their own actions and evaluate themselves using a customised web portal which we'll build for you.
In order to make sure your in-house training needs are met, the best way to start this process is with a conversation (for free of course). Contact us online or call 020 7978 1516 to speak to one of our experienced consultants.

Who is the programme for? 

This programme is for individuals who want to boost their effectiveness. It is suited to all role levels.

Success at Work Modules

The modules can include:

Create a confident mindset

  • understand the importance of a growth mindset for career success
  • carry out accurate self-assessments
  • learn how to learn through on the job experiences
  • use reflective practice and learning logs to get into a good learning habit
  • ask for and use feedback from others

Build your brand

  • create your own personal brand and find out how to develop it
  • identify the “authentic you” and actions to be positive and helpful
  • understand your values and their implications for your career
  • overcome resistance to personal change
  • get the very best from yourself and take control of your own professional development

Resilience and recovery

  • understand and nurture your resilience
  • develop your self-confidence
  • deal with setbacks, ambiguity and change
  • manage your own feelings and responses
  • learn from, and live with, mistakes

Shape your thinking

  • be proactive in problem solving
  • apply different types of thinking perspectives to different situations
  • use strategic questions and analysis to handle problems and opportunities
  • identify who to engage to ensure robust thinking
  • present a rationale in an organised and effective way

Create great work relationships

  • be a trusted colleague and think win-win
  • respect others and see others’ points of view
  • exhibit credibility and reliability
  • identify how to “shine” in your role
  • create an effective support network

Communicate effectively

  • understand effective communication
  • be an excellent listener in a hybrid world
  • adapt content effectively for different audiences
  • structure ideas and suggestions clearly and effectively
  • prepare for, and answer questions clearly and confidently

Understand politics and power

  • understand status and power in organisations
  • operate effectively within formal and informal structures
  • have a positive influence on organisational culture
  • choose the right response when navigating situations
  • ask for career opportunities effectively and appropriately

Learning approaches

This programme combines:

  • theory input, practical advice and examples suited to the not-for-profit sector
  • individual and group activities to apply tools
  • opportunities to work in coaching pairs to share peer experience
  • self-directed learning activities to put key skills into practice
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