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The Applicant Experience – a recruiter’s guide

Following on from our 5 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Process, we asked our latest recruits how they found our process, and what advice they would give to recruiters. It’s really important to review your recruitment approach from the point of view of your applicants, so we asked them for their honest feedback and views. This is what they told us:

How did your experience compare to other processes?

The =mc process involved an application form, which was really interesting. It has more open questions rather than the standard questions. A big stressor when submitting job applications is adjusting your CV to ‘suit the job description’, so not having to provide a CV really helped. The application takes a while to think about and complete, which means you can’t just do a quick copy+paste and will need to be genuinely interested in going ahead. For example, filling in the application got us to really think about the way we learn (which is important for the role but not something you normally think about when applying for a job).

We also really appreciated the clarity provided in the recruitment information: from the unambiguous expectations about salary to the clear timetable with options to reschedule interview timings. This took away some of the headaches usually associated with job hunting – knowing exactly what was on offer, and when to expect things to happen.

Meeting the =mc team through the process was great. There were 3 rounds (an online interview, a group interview, and then a final stage). We met different people each time which meant we could meet everyone in the team, and everyone was very friendly and professional throughout. The experiences with the interviewers always felt genuine and authentic.

At no point did it feel like you were being tested or tricked – it was a very clear and open process. For example, we were given a list of questions to prepare prior to the interview. There were prompt follow up emails and responses from Andreia so you always knew where you stood and what was happening next.

What did you enjoy most about the process?

The interaction with the team throughout the interviews was definitely a highlight. This kind of role is all about people, and building good rapport with them. This really shows in the =mc team, it never felt intimidating and felt more like a ‘vibe check’. This has enabled us to get to know people before joining the team – which balances things out a bit. We got to see what it could be like to work in this team.

The group interview sounded intimidating initially to some people – as this would involve working with people you could also be competing with. But it turned out to be a really enjoyable activity and the facilitation by the =mc team made it a really comfortable experience.

Everything was so well organised, so it felt very safe and secure. This shows that =mc were taking the process seriously and were really invested in finding the right people.

Is there anything you think we could further improve?

There was a lot of information available; and most of that was in written form. The information itself was really helpful but so much writing can be hard to digest and may not be accessible for everyone. Whilst it was made clear people could get in touch, not everyone will feel able to. I’d like to see more images or even video content next time around. People might otherwise miss key information and self-select out of the process.

How would you sum up your experience?

We had lots of ‘green flags’ throughout the whole interview process, such as clear expectations for interviews, reliable communications, and friendly conversations. This helped applicants to relax and be able to showcase their skills. We really wanted to keep getting to know and working with =mc!

If you’d find it useful to have a chat about your recruitment process, and to share ideas, email or contact us online.

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