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Ansoff's Matrix

Ansoff’s Matrix

The Big Idea Defining strategic direction can be a major challenge for any organisation. Igor Ansoff, US strategy guru, developed a matrix which helps to focus your attention and resources. This matrix, commonly used in commercial settings, has been adapted by =mc to make it relevant to a wide range of not-for-profit organisations. For fundraisers […]

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Cultural Web

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Transforming results by changing beliefs and behaviours “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is a famous quote from legendary management consultant and writer Peter Drucker. To be clear he didn’t mean that strategy was unimportant – rather that a powerful and empowering culture was a surer route to organisational success. One of the key goals in […]

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The Management Centre

Defining your value proposition

 This download is one of a series on new ideas in strategy, based on the book by =mc directors, Bernard Ross and Clare Segal – The Strategy Workout, (Financial Times/Pearson, Autumn 2015). A couple of years ago we were delighted to be asked by UNICEF International to help them develop a case for support. The […]

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Burning platform

Create a burning platform

Urgent and important In order for people to adopt a radical strategy change they need to feel it’s important and necessary. So you need to think about how you will generate that awareness – and convey that it’s urgent and important. Unfortunately this often involves creating a pain message. A burning platform is a very […]

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Philly Graham Consultant

Quiz: Could you cut it as a consultant?

Consultants are often asked to undertake a wide range of activities. This quiz is designed to give you an insight into the kinds of general challenges you might be asked to face as a consultant in the non-profit world. It was developed by the management consultancy team here at =mc partly for fun – but […]

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence at work

This article relates to our Emotional Intelligence (EI) training programme. It introduces some key elements of emotional intelligence to help you enhance your performance by being more confident, and in control of your emotional responses to situations in the workplace. What is emotional intelligence? The term Emotional Intelligence (EI) is increasingly well known and often […]

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Change Management - The 5Cs

Change management: the 5Cs of change response

Change management: the 5Cs of change response   Over the years =mc has carried out a significant body of research and change work with a wide range of not-for-profit organisations. And we’ve found there are five core reactions to change, that we call the 5Cs. To be an effective change manager you need to understand […]

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Good to Great

Good to Great

“Good is the enemy of Great” is the opening of one of the most influential books in contemporary management thinking. As an opening it’s pretty arresting – maybe not up there alongside “A spectre is haunting Europe” or “In the beginning was the word” – but nonetheless powerful. And although originally written about businesses, the […]

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Case study: Driving innovation and knowledge management at the NSPCC

NSPCC has an extraordinary achievement behind it – the transformational Full Stop campaign. But they are committed to stepping up to the next level of performance with a new fundraising target and strategy to ensure they deliver on their commitment to children. This case study explains how =mc helped develop an integrated innovation programme- including […]

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Gateway housing association

Leading Gateway from Good to Greatness

Gateway Housing Association is the largest provider of sheltered housing in Tower Hamlets. Their name came about because of their unique role in supporting people in a borough which has, throughout history, been a ‘gateway’ for migrants coming to live and work in London. It also reflects their core belief that decent affordable housing is […]

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Macmillan logo

Case study: Growing Fundraising Talent at Macmillan Cancer Support

This case study looks at how a tailored version of The Influential Fundraiser programme has helped almost 300 fundraisers have impact in supporter relationships. Fundraisers at The Prince’s Trust and Marie Curie have also benefited from their own bespoke versions of this training, with the programme being delivered 25 times for them collectively! Find out […]

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Housing and Care 21

Case study: Housing & Care 21

Driving culture change at Housing & Care 21 Housing & Care 21 are the UK’s largest non-profit care provider and a national leader in providing innovative, affordable housing for older people. Their strong belief that later life should be happy and fulfilling, has lead to them supporting over 28,000 people across the UK with essential […]

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Plan International

Case study: INGO management development at Plan International

Plan International – Developing international NGO staff Plan International is one of the world’s largest development organisations. Founded in 1937, Plan’s original focus was providing food, accommodation and education for children affected by the Spanish Civil War. Today, Plan raise over US$500 million every year to support its work in 49 developing countries. Their vision […]

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Marie Curie

Case study: Spreading the legacy message in Marie Curie

Marie Curie is one of the UK’s largest national charities, providing care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. They’ve been carrying out this vital work for over 65 years – and last year alone cared for over 40,000 people across the UK. Challenge In 2015 Marie Curie Cancer Care […]

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The Management Centre

Case study: Organisational integration at The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum is unique. In no other university can you find such an encyclopedic compendium of human creativity from every corner of the globe, alongside evidence of the evolution of the planet over the last 4.6 billion years. Breaking down silos was a key goal and =mc was able to help in a number […]

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Case study: Developing the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Leadership Culture

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) is one of the most famous theatre companies in the world. They work to connect people around the world with Shakespeare through innovative and distinctive theatre and education. As well as Shakespeare’s work, they also produce bold, ambitious work with living writers, actors and artists. This includes the multiple award-winning […]

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Global Development Network

Case study: Global Development Network expands its fundraising

  The Global Development Network (GDN) is a worldwide association of research and policy institutes promoting the generation, sharing and application to policy of multidisciplinary knowledge for the purpose of development. It was founded as a unit in the World Bank a decade ago, and is now an independent International Organisation with headquarters in New […]

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Case study: Frontline AIDS develop a country strategy for Uganda

  In 2007, the Uganda country office of Frontline AIDS (then known as The International HIV/AIDS Alliance) was a new and growing programme with great potential. In need of a country strategy, but with little time to spare on it, they called on =mc. Two years later, and the Uganda country office was ahead or […]

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Birmingham Hippodrome

Case Study: Birmingham Hippodrome

Birmingham Hippodrome raises £1m for Stage Appeal with help from =mc The Birmingham Hippodrome started an appeal in Spring 2012 for a major capital appeal to fundraise £1m towards the cost of replacing their 30 year old stage. They had gathered some key customer data and needed some high level expertise help to analyse the […]

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JDRF logo

Case Study: JDRF boost their major donor fundraising

  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the world’s leading charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research, has a strong base of supporters, many of whom are motivated by their direct affinity with the cause. They also have a major donor fundraising programme, sustained by some highly motivated volunteers. The volunteers are often involved in networking […]

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Canal and River Trust

Case Study: Canal & River Trust

New charity: new donors – setting up a major donor fundraising programme from scratch Formerly British Waterways, the charity Canal & River Trust (CRT) was launched in 2012. It is responsible for maintaining 2,200 miles of historic canals, rivers, docks and reservoirs, as well as museums, archives and a large collection of protected structures. CRT […]

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Case study: Capacity building for UNAIDS

UNAIDS is the leading UN organisation in the global response to HIV, bringing together the efforts and resources of ten UN system organisations. Across its programmes, partnerships with local NGOs and community based groups are key to successful delivery. Challenge Partners in West and Central Africa have limited resources and are reliant upon a few […]

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Concern Worldwide

Case study: Developing a competency framework for Concern Worldwide

What makes us successful? Inside Concern Worldwide’s competency framework Concern Worldwide is an international non-governmental organisation “working for a world where no one lives in fear, poverty or oppression.” Established over 40 years ago it works in over 29 countries. As well as responding to humanitarian emergencies, Concern also provides longer-term assistance in the areas […]

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SDNPA logo

Case Study: Helping to ensure sustainability – developing an income generation strategy for South Downs National Park Authority

  The South Downs is the UK’s newest National Park, covering a wide variety of landscapes, historic monuments, archeological features and living, working communities. Around 2 million people live within or close to the national park – the highest local population among all the national parks – and day visits reach 46 million a year. […]

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British Council

Case study: The British Council increase their global fundraising capacity

Working commercially at a local level, worldwide The British Council asked =mc to help it to increase income generation across the globe by designing and delivering training programmes that would develop sponsorship and business relations skills among staff. After this training British Council staff in Russia secured a 1 million Euro sponsorship deal! Background The […]

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Case study: Evaluation of the tsunami hardship fund for the British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation, working both in the UK and overseas, whose mission is to help people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. They have an officially recognised support function to the UK Government in humanitarian matters. They are part of a global voluntary network – the […]

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Case Study: Developing Commercial Awareness with Hackney Learning Trust

As winner of the prestigious ‘Outsourced Provider of the Year’ award at the 2011 Education Investor Awards, Hackney Learning Trust (HLT) was recognised for transforming education in Hackney. But they face the opportunity and challenge that funding has been transferred directly to schools to buy the services they want from whoever they want. This has […]

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Strategy Maps and the Balanced Scorecard

An Introduction to Strategy Maps and the BSC in Charities

Synopsis: Organisations need to find a way to express their strategy simply and understandably – but also in a way that reflects the complexity of their relationships and activities. One increasingly popular framework to combine these qualities is the balanced scorecard (BSC), and specifically the more recent incarnation, the strategy map. At its simplest the […]

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Does your Big Idea look Red or Blue?

What’s the Big Idea? Blue Ocean Strategy is a radical approach to strategy captured in a book written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne – professors based at INSEAD, the leading European business school. The book summarises the thesis that organisations face two key choices: creating new customer demand in an uncontested market space […]

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Law Centres Network logo

Case study: Law Centres Federation (LCF)

Envisioning the future to test your strategy In a quickly changing world, it often feels like traditional strategic planning isn’t quite covering all the bases. With an uncertain and shifting external environment, the UK’s federation of not-for-profit legal practices wanted to test whether their new strategy would be robust enough to handle these changes. Find […]

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Case Study: Developing Earned Income at the RSPCA

The RSPCA is the largest animal welfare organisation in Europe. It rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes hundreds of thousands of animals each year in England and Wales. The RSPCA also offers advice on caring for all animals, and campaigns to change laws that will protect them, which it enforces through prosecution. But they face the challenge […]

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Case study: Transforming and aligning organisational strategy at Sightsavers International

Sight Savers International needed a clearer strategic direction, but any successful strategy would have to truly engage staff across the organisation. In this case study we reveal how =mc worked with Sight Savers over two years to develop a new global strategic direction that achieved record levels of understanding and engagement across the organisation. The […]

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Amnesty International

Case study: Change management at Amnesty International

  Amnesty International is the international non-governmental organisation whose mission is to defend human rights worldwide. Established over 40 years it has worldwide reputation for investigating and exposing human right abuses from Rwanda to the former Soviet Union. This article explains how =mc helped them organize a transformational change programme to help re-energise the organization […]

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RNIB logo

Case study: RNIB

Growing a culture of innovation at RNIB Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is the UK’s leading charity offering support, advice and information to over two million people with sight loss. The fundraising department wanted to foster a culture of innovation to boost their income. RNIB worked with The Management Centre (=mc) to design […]

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National Trust Scotland

Case study: Developing a values-led culture at the National Trust for Scotland

  The National Trust for Scotland is the conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland’s natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations to enjoy. With over 270,000 members it is the largest conservation charity in Scotland. It depends for its support on donations, legacies, grants and membership subscriptions. Established in 1931 the Trust […]

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Behavioural Economics Big Idea

Behavioural economics: why we think much less than we think we think… and why it’s important

Behavioural economics says we are sometimes rational, but most of the time our rationality is limited by our ability to work things out, the large amount of information available, the limited relevant knowledge we have, and our own lack of time and energy. In these cases – and whether we are deciding on donating to […]

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WSUP logo

Case study: Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)

Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) is a unique organisation – a partnership that brings together the expertise of business, NGOs and academia to deliver drinking water and sanitation services to the poorest people living in cities in the developing world. In 2013 WSUP approached =mc for help to identify new funding sources […]

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Yvette Gyles

What a week!

Learning & development consultant working at =mc There isn’t a typical working week at =mc. In any given week you can be involved in delivering a one-off training day, interviewing stakeholders for a piece of consultancy, facilitating a team away day, pitching for a leadership programme or holding telephone calls to scope out training needs. […]

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Teams: the right ingredients

Effective Teams – The Right Ingredients?

In this blog post, Philly Graham, Senior Learning & Development Consultant at =mc discusses teams, and considers 5 key elements of effective teams. When I joined =mc I was made to feel very welcome by my new team and I was reminded just how much I value good teams. And I believe I’m not alone in this. […]

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5 ways to say no

5 Tips for Staying Productive

It is often very hard to stay productive if you’re at the office every working day, particularly when it comes to managing your time when you have different streams of work coming your way – how do you prioritise? We asked =mc’s Office and Practice Manager, Lauren Huseyin. Lauren often has to manage many different […]

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