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4 Ways to put a Spring in your Step at work

Winter is finally over. The days are getting longer. The trees are blossoming, bulbs are flowering and all around us birds sing hallelujah. …Not quite accurate? Are you struggling to find the joys of spring at work? Feeling a bit flat or stagnant? The last 12 months have been tough, so it is totally understandable […]

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Wasting time – it’s such a waste of your brain!

Time management. It’s a popular topic in management training. Whichever way you look there is something else demanding your attention and therefore your time – and it can feel like drowning. To compensate we set up many systems to do the time management for us: email, diaries, shared calendars, spreadsheets, trackers, applications, phone alarms, meeting […]

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Use your brain and manage your time

It is a truth universally acknowledged (or very widely, anyway) that good time management and prioritising our activities are key to helping achieve high pay-off results. It’s also true that too often it can be difficult to focus and stay on track – especially when things are really busy. At that point it’s all too […]

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what type of procrastinator are you

What type of procrastinator are you?

We all procrastinate on occasion. But do you ever miss a deadline because you put things off for just a bit too long? Or delay starting on something and then have to rush to get it done, compromising on quality? Or miss an opportunity because you didn’t act earlier? If any of this sounds like […]

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Being productive – 5 ways of staying on track

Dealing with a seemingly never ending to-do list and constant interruptions can seem overwhelming at times – read on to discover ways of thriving in a busy environment with this blog by Yvette Gyles, Director at =mc:   Staying productive is tricky. We all have moments in our day when our energy dips, or when […]

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5 Tips for Staying Productive

How do you stay productive when you have lots and lots of different streams of work coming at you at the same time? We asked =mc’s Marketing Manager, Anna Esslemont. Anna often has to manage many different streams and types of work at once, but she keeps her cool. Here are her top five tips […]

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