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One-to-One Coaching

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Enabling individuals to realise their full potential

One-to-one coaching provides tailored support that has a transformational impact both on the individuals being coached and their organisation. It boosts performance, learning and development, asking participants to draw on their own experience to do this.

Participants are enabled to realise their potential and develop confidence as part of the process. They feel re-energised and with a renewed sense of focus to achieve results.

  • “Thanks for your patience and perseverance – I now can look at situations differently and react in an appropriate way. It’s like you held a mirror up to my behaviours and now I can see how to improve them.”

    – anonymous coachee

  • “I’m sure this will continue to be work in progress but well worthwhile. I enjoyed working with you even through the hard bits and you are very good at what you do.”

    – anonymous coachee

Who is coaching for?

1:1 coaching is for front line staff, managers and leaders who want to boost their effectiveness and develop their skills.

Outcomes for you and your organisation

Outcomes will vary according to participants needs, but our coaching has supported participants to:

  • create and plan new ideas
  • identify solutions to complex challenges
  • focus their energies and efforts to deliver results
  • build, refine and embed specific skills
  • change existing working practices
  • develop tools and confidence to manage difficult situations

Learning approaches

Online coaching can take place over the phone or via Zoom for video sessions. We offer a safe, confidential and empowering environment to coach individuals that can involve:

  • identifying coaching goals
  • opportunities for personal refection
  • the introduction of knowledge and tools on a particular subject or skill
  • facilitating self-directed learning and development
  • planning specific actions for real work situations

Contact us online to discuss your needs, or call 020 7978 1516 to speak to one of our coaches.

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