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Self-directed learning

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Supporting individuals to learn and own their development

Self-directed learning enables participants to set learning goals, acquire knowledge and skills, set their own actions and evaluate themselves. A customised web portal allows participants to determine what, how and when they learn and acts as a rolling source of ideas and inspiration.

Who is self-directed learning for? 

Any organisation or team who wants to encourage their team members to learn and develop their skills, knowledge and abilities.

  • The session provided me with tools to assess risks and issues, and know whether I need to escalate them. Really useful skills that I put into practice immediately.

    Maria Carballeira Rodriguez, Partnerships Team Architect, Historic England

    Overall programme rating:5 star programme rating

  • “I love the Systems Model – it’s exactly the flexible structure I’ve been looking for to better manage my projects.”

    Begay Jabang, Senior Finance Business Partner, The Brooke

How does it work?

Participants have access to a password protected web-portal, reflecting your organisational brand. The portal would contain learning related to a range of topics based on your needs. Learning topics could include management and leadership; project management and ways of working; strategy and change; personal effectiveness or communications.

Each learning topic would include a number of modules. Each module introduces participants to a specific area of focus. Working through the activities in each module will help participants to develop their understanding and skills in these areas.

Outcomes for you and your organisation

By accessing this self-directed learning, participants will be able to:

  • set their own learning goals
  • connect their goals to their day-to-day work
  • extend their knowledge and confidence
  • build, refine and embed new skills
  • use tools to shape their thinking
  • reflect on their strengths, areas of development and comfort zones
  • create action plans to use their learning
  • reflect on the impact of their actions and use this evaluation to plan new actions
  • embed learning into their working practice

Learning approaches

Participants can choose to work through the modules at their own pace, keeping a record of their learning. Modules could include:

  • Information on a specific area of focus to increase knowledge and understanding
  • Active learning using exercises and case studies to work through
  • Videos to bring topics to life
  • Quizzes for reflection and learning assessment
  • Questionnaires and self-analysis tools to support participants to understand themselves and identify their strengths and areas for development
  • Learning logs to enable participants to record their reflections and review and analyse their actions

Find out more

To find out more about how self-directed learning can benefit your teams, call us on 020 7978 1516 to speak to an experienced consultant, or email

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