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Action Learning Sets

=mc Systems Model

Practical problem solving for groups

Action Learning Sets are a group of 5-7 people who come together to find practical ways of addressing the ‘real life’ challenges they face, and to support their own learning and development. The set are supported by a trained facilitator who guides the process.

Yes, and also face to face. It's equally suitable for both options. For more information on the differences between online and face to face training, visit our Learning and Development page.
If you have 6 or more people to train it's worth getting in touch to discuss in-house options.

These include:
  • your choice of structure – as well as choosing dates to suit you, you can also decide whether to have the content delivered in full days, half-day sessions or bitesize sessions over separate days.
  • tailoring options – if you're looking to focus on particular elements of the programme, we can look into this.
  • self-directed learning – this enables participants to set learning goals, acquire knowledge and skills, set their own actions and evaluate themselves using a customised web portal which we'll build for you.
In order to make sure your in-house training needs are met, the best way to start this process is with a conversation (for free of course). Contact us online or call 020 7978 1516 to speak to one of our experienced consultants.

Set members are encouraged to find their own solutions through a structured process of insightful questioning combined with a balance of support and challenge from the group.

We can provide action learning sets as an individual high impact session or as part of a rolling programme where set members learn to facilitate each other.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for a group of peers at a similar level of responsibility and experience who want to boost their effectiveness and develop their learning and problem-solving skills.

Outcomes for you and your organisation

Throughout the action learning set you will be supported to solve challenges you face, and to assist others in their thinking. You will be guided by a senior =mc consultant to:

  • improve your problem solving, reflection and decision-making capability
  • build, refine and embed specific skills
  • increase the effectiveness of your work and enhance your leadership
  • create specific action plans to move forward real work challenges
  • learn insightful questions that support understanding, problem solving and creativity
  • improve your awareness of how attitudes and assumptions can influence thinking and decision making
  • learn from individuals’ experience of implementing new strategies and approaches
  • develop positive, mutually respectful working relationships with peers

Learning approaches

Action Learning Sets are offered in a safe, confidential, thought-provoking, and empowering environment that involves:

  • understanding the process of learning and problem solving
  • opportunities for personal refection and creative thinking
  • identifying specific actions for real work situations

Contact us online to discuss how action learning sets could benefit your team and organisation.

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